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10 Lesson   Mindfulness Course For Teenagers 

In Collaboration with...

Mindfulness In Schools Project (MiSP)


A Safe Learning Space

The course can be delivered either online in the comfort of your own home, online at school or in the tranquil space at our home in Sanur, Bali.

  • UK qualified teacher 

  • International Background checks (IPC)

  • M.Education

Group Mindfulness Course

Ideal for schools and universities or groups of friends wanting to explore the benefits of mindfulness. 

Private Mindfulness Course

Ideal for the teenager who would prefer to learn the benefits of mindfulness away from a group setting.

The course is delivered online so participants can be in the comfort of their own home, or online at school with their teacher and friends.    

A 10 week course for teenagers which teaches them how to recognize stress and how to deal with stress using meditation practices.     

Meditating at Home

"Education need not only be a tool for survival but for enhancing perception. The children must blossom and flower into great human beings."


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